Rehabilitation Center

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation

Skilled nursing, when paired with physical and cognitive therapy, delivers results aimed at recovery, comfort, and increased long-term independence. Because we understand the importance of autonomy in our residents’ lives, we make sure to assist our seniors just enough for them to begin living better on their own.

The care offered by the staff at our skilled nursing and rehabilitation center is one of our most sought-after services. In 2013, the Allegan County Medical Care Community had 119 admissions to our rehabilitation center.

Short-Term Rehabilitation
We partner with area hospitals to provide intensive rehabilitation to residents experiencing debilitating health issues such as fractures, joint replacement,  stroke, congestive heart failure and surgery. We provide therapies and training for short-term residents to return home as quickly as possible. Our residents’ sense of independence is important to a speedy recovery. Being in the comfort of their own homes, our residents can develop and improve their motor skills along with their confidence, which will help carry them through the recovery process.

Physical Therapy
Our licensed physical therapists work closely with clients to help restore quality of life by designing individualized treatment programs that increase muscle strength and range of motion, improve functional mobility and relieve pain. click here to learn more…

Occupational Therapy
Treatment plans developed by our licensed occupational therapists are designed to reach an individual’s highest level of independence. Activities to improve self-care, homemaking tasks, medication management and kitchen skills are often incorporated to allow clients to return home. click here to learn more…

Speech-Language Pathology
Speech therapists help facilitate improvements in a resident’s communication and swallowing skills following a stroke or when aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, and dysphasia are present to help improve a resident’s quality of life. Skilled nursing staff members at Allegan County Medical Care Community are always available to cater to each resident’s needs and medical concerns. click here to learn more…