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Why us?

Providing a loving home and rehabilitation therapies to area residents.

Welcome to Allegan County Medical Care Community (ACMCC)

Providing more than just a comfortable place to stay.

Since 1971, the ACMCC has been providing quality skilled nursing, long-term health care, and elderly care services to the residents of Allegan County and beyond. ACMCC is owned and operated by Allegan County as a not-for-profit subdivision. Care and medical services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis without regard for a resident’s ability to pay.

The ACMCC admits residents in need of skilled nursing care and rehabilitative physical, occupational and speech therapy from local hospitals and other settings with the goal of attaining the greatest possible level of independence.

As a modern nursing home, we promote, encourage and support each resident’s individual dignity, privacy, rights and independence. We strive to create a home-like environment that preserves and upholds each resident’s quality of life. We seek to maximize each resident’s level of function, with the ultimate goal of enabling them to return home to their family and community. The care and services provided meets or exceeds state and federal health care standards.

Nationally Ranked Skilled Nursing Home

In 2013, we also earned our second Excellence in Action Award for “superior commitment to customer service” from My InnerView, a product of the National Research Corporation. The first time we won the award was in 2008 when the largest skilled nursing facility database in the United States compared 2,759 other nursing homes through the nation and ranked the top 10 percent nationally for customer satisfaction.

Maybe we earned these distinctions by offering personalized and individual care to each and every resident. Or maybe we earned these distinctions by going out of our way to make nutritious, homemade lunches and snacks for our senior residents. Allegan County Medical Care Community also offers pet therapy – that may have also played a role. But, in the end, it’s not about awards. As one of the top ranked skilled nursing facilities Allegan County trusts, it’s about performing a basic duty to each and every resident. We would expect excellence for our loved ones, so we deliver the same to yours. It’s a simple philosophy, but it works. We want our residents to think of this as their home.

We are among the best skilled nursing facilities Allegan County has to offer. Stop by and see for yourself. You’ll feel the love and warmth throughout our hallways. We sure do.

Our Mission

Our mission integrates five main values into every aspect of care:

• Respect

• Compassion

• Honesty

• Integrity

• Dignity

We bring these values to life by:

• Treating all whom we encounter with respect and dignity,

• Providing equal access to those who seek our services,

• Promoting the quality of life through our loving and compassionate care,

• Acting with honesty and integrity, and

• Being good stewards of our resources.

The Eden Alternative

Allegan County Medical Care Community follows the Eden Alternative, a philosophy of caring for the elderly based on the idea that aging should not be a stage of decline, but a continued stage of growth and development. The philosophy emphasizes not only the physical needs of the person, but also care for their mental and emotional well-being.

Each staff member at ACMCC is trained in the Eden Alternative and works to create an atmosphere that brings meaning to the life of each resident in our Allegan County nursing home. By providing patients with a variety of spontaneous activities, the staff at Allegan County Medical Care Community helps eliminate the loneliness, helplessness and boredom prevalent in many care facilities across the nation. 

Eden Alternative
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